December 4, 2021


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Fringe QAnon Group Remains in Dallas, Awaiting JFK Jr.’s Arrival – Centralia Chronicle

<p>Michael Williams / The Dallas Morning Information (TNS)</p> <p>DALLAS —.......

Michael Williams / The Dallas Morning Information (TNS)

DALLAS — Weeks after they first gatright hered shut to Dealey Plaza, dozens of think aboutrs Inside the furthest fringe of the QAnon conspiracy concept stay in Dallas, anticipating prolonged-lifeless John F. Kennedy Jr. To disclose himself Inside The metropolis wright here his father was assassinated and usher Inside the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president.

Wright hereas their beliefs Are clearly absurd, the fervency and devotion of this particular group, Collectively with their loyalty to A pacesetter Usually acknowledged as Negative48 and unwillingness To go amethod Dallas, Is unique — and set off for alarm and concern, Based mostly on an professional who has adopted QAnon for years.

“I really feel what you’re seeing right here Is primarily, undeniably a cult,” said Mike Rothschild, author of “The Storm Is Upon Us”, which chronicles the rise of, and fallout from, QAnon.

The chief of the group is Michael Brian Protzman, a Washington man who amassed a following on social media Aprolongedside with his mannequin of gematria, a Hebrew numerology language. Deciphering codes that embrace numbers and letters, and using parts of Christianity and QAnon, his followers have come To imagine about that Kennedy, who died in a plane crash in 1999, will reseem in Dallas and start A mannequin new Trump administration.

A pair of of Protzman’s followers think about President John F. Kennedy wasn’t assassinated in 1963; completely differents think about he was, however then resurrected as a messiah shortly tright hereafter. Regardless of the failure of both Kennedy — or completely different lifeless celebrities who have been anticipated, together with Michael Jackson and Princess Diana — To seem By way of the preliminary Nov. 2 …….