December 4, 2021


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FEATURE: How a Howard University Student Built a Streetwear Brand from the Ground Up – The Hilltop Online

The P4CK fashions KOZY Streetwear. Photograph courtesy of Zamoi Murrell. <p>From the thoughts of .......

The P4CK fashions KOZY Streetwear. Photograph courtesy of Zamoi Murrell.

From the thoughts of a Howard College sophoextra acquired here a roadwear mannequin that has taken the campus by storm. Kozy Streetwear is a clofactor mannequin that sells hoodies, sweatpants, crop tops and hats, all adorned with the handwritten ‘KOZY’ emblem. 

The idea for Kozy was conceived by CEO and sole proprietor Kayla Rose. Rose is a sophoextra biology primary and chemistry minor By Method of Prolonged Island, N.Y.. 

Rose spoke on how she acquired her start in designing at a youthful age, when she found her love for animation and graphic design. 

“I started as a Outcome of I On A daily basis liked To draw, for exact,” Rose said. “Like coloring as A toddler, And even cartoons like Spongebob And the technique animation modifications Is primarily fascinating to me.” 

Her rising fondness for illustration and typography wSince the preliminary inspiration for the roadwear mannequin. This sentiment shines by way of the clofactor line, Since the Kozy emblem inagencyd in Every bit is in Rose’s personal handwriting. 

Based mostly on The internet website, this signature trademark goes far deeper than The snug feeling that comes with sporting snug clofactor. 

“To be KOZY to me is to be mentally, bodily, and spiritually intact Collectively with your highest, and best self,” Rose said. “KOZY is one factor Nobody can take from you, me, us.” 

As temperatures drop, the Kozy mannequin Might be noticed extra round Howard’s campus. Since the mannequin’s creation in October of 2020, it has accrued Greater than 240 gross sales, Lots of these being from Howard college students. 

Kozy’s biggest-promoting hoodies, That are out there …….